Reply To: UAS Management – Case #1

  • Josh

    January 17, 2024 at 12:03 pm

    Army Case Study

    1. Ultimately, I feel that teamwork, morale and the ability to work together and remain positive hindered the Varsity Teams ability to progress. They appeared to care more about individual success, winning and lacked the ability to function as a cohesive team. Perhaps, ego and status had implications as well.

    2. The coach could have identified some scenarios to play out building on team cohesion and strategy. Provided or pushed open non-confrontational communications to reflect and learn from shortcomings in training and competitions. Focused more on identifying short- and long-term goals and ensuring tunnel vision didn’t present itself. Physical conditioning is an important aspect in a training program; however, more focus could have been directed at team dynamics and mental conditioning on how to collectively get to the win.

    3. Switch the JV/Varsity roles for program success and to ensure positive representation of the Army team. Ample opportunities seemed to present themselves prior to the nationals. Perhaps, an outside coach or mentor could have helped motivate the group and gain momentum in the right direction. I’m hesitant to believe the Varsity Team would have been in the mindset to win and overcome the obstacles within that short of a timeframe.