sUAS Thermography

Mike · March 5, 2023

Welcome to this Lesson on drone thermal imaging. There are five modules within this course which include an introduction, a discussion on how thermal imaging works, heat transfer, and atmospheric effects then we will conclude by discussing some case studies.

This class will teach you the fundamentals necessary to capture and properly interpret thermal images from an airborne perspective.

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Professor of sUAS Technology at the Columbia Gorge Community College. Manager of sUAS Services & Consulting at Aero Drone Corporation.   Mr. Davis has over 35 years of experience in Manufacturing, International Operations, Supply Chain and Marketing. Extensive experience in China, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Created and managed manufacturing facilities and distribution locations throughout Asia. Marketed and sold electronic products in over 17 different countries.   Mr. Davis is a Commercial Pilot with FAR 135 experience. Instrument rated in Single and Multi-Engine aircraft. Mr. Davis holds a Remote Pilot License and is active in offering to consult and training to his clients. Creating College accredited sUAS courses he holds the position of Adjunct Professor - sUAS Technology.   Appointed by the Washington State Governor to serve on the Global Competitiveness Council. The council identified ways to enhance Washington’s competitiveness in the world marketplace and to help frame the future for Washington.   His Patent was submitted in 2010 related to lasers and their portable applications.   Awarded the "Marco Polo" award in 2005 for global success in International business.   In 2008 - 2010 I was honored to hold the position of USA Representative of ISPAT, the Investment & Support Agency of Turkey, that reported directly to the Prime Minister of Turkey.
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