February 26th Class Requirements

Workshop 7 – we will go through the last part of the presentation and then complete the online quiz Homework:  read Chapter eight – operational…

March 4th Class Requirements

We will go over the last 7 modules of Chapter 8 Homework:  Complete workshop 8 – Case study #3  This is due no later than…

March 6th Class Requirements

We will Present modules 1 and 2 of Chapter 9.  Give the online quiz. Homework:  Read Chapter 10

March 11th Class Requirements

We will present all Chapter 10 presentations and then give an online quiz.  REMEMBER YOU ARE REQUIRED to upload the "Remote Pilot Training Program" as…

March 20th Class Requirements

Remote Pilot Training Program as stated in Workshop #8, Case Study #3 DUE TODAY.  This is a major part of your Final Exam Score.